Lyrics: Run Jimmy Run
by Franklyn Schaefer


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Lyrics: Run Jimmy Run by Franklyn Schaefer

Weathered face and a steady gaze

A travelerís headed toward the place

Down by the tracks in the wooded grove

A make-shift camp that he calls home

His days are up, he must move on
A place only welcomes you so long.


Run, Jimmy, run
Before you come undone

Turn toward the sun
and run, Jimmy, run, run, run!

Run, Jimmy, run
This battle canít be won

You are only One
So, run, Jimmy, run, run, run!

The road is fierce, but you got to run
You canít survive one place too long

You canít stop the cycle all alone
Canít let the demons snatch your soul.



Spoken: There is a time for everything under the sun
there is a time to stay and a time to run

What good can come

From battles that canít be won