The Rock
by Franklyn Schaefer, 2020

The Rock
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The Rock
by Franklyn Schaefer, 2020

Verse 1:
In our saddest, darkest moments
When our life has gone astray;
When we cry to you, all broken,
And you seem galaxies away.

You’re in the mystery of the sunrise;
You’re in the thunder clouds above.
You’re the healing touch of mercy;
You’re the embrace of heaven’s love.

You’re in the beggar at the market
You’re in every helping hand.
You ‘re the gentle wind behind us
You’re the Rock, the Rock on which we stand

Verse 2:
In the most dreary, hopeless places
The deepest valleys we might walk
Your light will always pierce the darkness
There’s no place where you are not!


No matter what I face, you’re with me in this place
And when I stumble, then, you raise me up again.
As I step out in faith, you help me find my way
And as I make my stand, you hold me in your hand.