From the CD: Love Like An Ocean (2011)




You Alone Are Great
words and music by Franklyn Schaefer, (BMI) ©2007

Ref: You alone are great! Be the master of my fate.

You alone have power to save from wind and fire.


Verse 1:
Great Father, Great Spirit, I have heard you call.

You whisper in the quiet; bringing peace to all.
In our world filled with doubt and fear.
I pray that you will stay near.

Verse 2:
Creation gives credence to your awesome might.
Your splendor surrounds us by day and night.

Though life brings trials that I must face,

Still I will trust your grace.


You are…everlasting, ever-loving, ever-present, ever-giving
Almighty, all-knowing, all-gracious, all bestowing.

From the CD:
Love Like An Ocean (2011)